Voting Equipment

The City uses the Optical Scan Insight to process ballots at the polls.  Upon entering the polling place, the voter will receive a paper ballot. The voter makes choices on the ballot by connecting an arrow next to her choice of candidate or issue position.  The voter inserts the ballot into the scanner at the top of the device, which reads the marks on the ballot. If the voter has overvoted (voted for more candidates than eligible), the Insight will eject the ballot for the voter to review again, or deposit the ballot into the ballot box.  If the voter has cast a write-in vote, the scanner will feed the ballot into a center bin so that pollworkers may process the write-in votes. Ballots that require no review by pollworkers are deposited into a rear bin.

A front, auxiliary bin is available in case the machine is not functioning during polling hours; voters deposit ballots into the auxiliary bin manually, but they will not be able to use the auxiliary bin unless pollworkers have unlocked it.  As votes are entered, the Optech Insight stores the vote tallies on its internal memory card, and when the polls close, the Optech Insight prints out a paper copy of the election results for polling officials.

The Automark machine is available at every election for voters to use to mark their ballot.  The AutoMARK Voter Assist Terminal allows voters with disabilities and other special needs to mark a ballot privately and independently when using an optical scan voting system.  Everyone is welcome to use this machine.